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    New World Coders

    Dear Fans,

    We are pleased to announce our new game “Asteroids HD”!
    Asteroids HD is a game based around wave survival and progression! Players can make split second decisions to change the entire way the game plays out.

    Asteroids HD utilizes real world-based physics and interactions. The New World Coders team has spent countless hours testing and making sure that top notch physics and stunning visual graphics are achieved.

    “As core gamers at heart we have always loved the way player interaction has always be available and how it changes the functionality of games. Asteroids HD is inspired from classic games and their classic play-style, we’ve taken that classic feeling and made it into a modern multiplayer 3D wave survival game” – Nick E.

    In-game video footage and more information can be found at http://newworldcoders.com/product-category/games/

    More details about this project and its progression can be found in the official Asteroids HD news forum.  http://newworldcoders.com/forums/forum/asteroids-hd/news/

    Asteroids HD is currently in its alpha stages of development but is progressing rapidly. Asteroids HD will soon be available on Steam Greenlight!

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    The New World Coders Team

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