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    New World Coders

    Forum Rules and Guidelines

    Welcome to our community! Here you can interact with other members, ask questions about our games and products, make suggestions and/or provide valuable feedback to the developers!

    To continuously promote a positive atmosphere and keep this community “clean” and constructive we must insist that you conduct yourself in a civilized manner at all times when participating in any part of the community forums.

    Before you start posting, it’s requested that you read the below rules. If any of the rules are violated, moderators and admins will have the right to take the appropriate actions.
    Forum Rules:

    • Language – Posts must be made in our designated forum language. Our designated forum language is English. Any threads other than the designated language will be removed.
    • General –

      • Any kind of violence, vulgarity, using abusive, bad or offensive language, calling names, threatening or insulting other members, is not accepted and will be deleted! This includes posting links to websites containing such content.
      • Vulgar or sexual profile pictures are not allowed. Our website uses gravatar for profile pictures.
      • Posting personal details of others including but not limited to name, telephone number, address, date of birth, etc. is not permitted and any user that does will be immediately banned.
      • You should not at any time openly argue with forum moderators or administrators about imposing rules.
      • You may not at any time attack New World Coders or insult any New World Coders employees.
      • You may not at any time impersonate any New World Coders employee or staff on our forums.
      • Respect other user’s opinions. Don’t criticize or deride what other members believe about our games and software.
      • Try to keep all messages in a constructive and polite manner. Posts that don’t include any arguments neither provide any suggestion on how the game can be improved can be considered as spam and deleted. For more information of what is Feedback and Constructive Criticism, please read below.
    • Piracy and Pornography – All messages that include linking, mentioning or promoting piracy and/or pornographic content will be deleted immediately and the member will be banned.
    • Spamming and Advertising – Spamming and advertising is not permitted. Posts that include links with the purpose of promoting other products or selling items (virtual gold) will be immediately deleted! In the case that the member will repeatedly violate this rule, he/she will be banned from our forums.
    • Religious, National, Racism – Posts with content that negatively portrays any religion, religious figure, nationality, race, country, or region are not allowed and will be deleted.
    • Polls: Every member is allowed to create and post a poll on the forums as long as it has a proper purpose. Polls that are Yes/No or irrelevant/abusive will be removed.


    Feedback and Constructive Criticism

    We invite you to post your feedback, either negative or positive. Without this we won’t be able to improve our games and software experiences and resolve any problems/bugs. Try to be as more constructive as possible by providing reasons why you like or don’t like something and what can be done to make it better.

    If you have any suggestions or ideas please share them here: [LINK TO SUGGESTIONS]

    If you are experiencing any technical difficulties please visit our troubleshooting page for further advice or send us an email at support@newworldcoders.com

    Helpful Links
    Support email: support@newworldcoders.com
    Recent News/Updates: http://newworldcoders.com/news/
    Official Forums: http://newworldcoders.com/forums/
    Home Page: http://www.NewWorldCoders.com

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