• March 30th, 2015
Hello players and fans!

First off, we would like to take a moment and thank everyone who has shown support on our 'Asteroids HD' project.
Although Asteroids HD did not succeed on Kickstarter we will still be in full development with the game!
Once development is complete and our resources are ready Asteroids HD will be released as a FreeToPlay game worldwide! Stay tuned to our social media pages and website for more updates in the future. Our next project blueprint is coming soon! Questions or comments? Feel free to email us!

• February 16th, 2015
Major Annoucement!
It's finally that time! Asteroids HD is now live on Kickstarter!

Thank you to everyone who is already supporting the project! Please don't forget to vote for Asteroids HD on steam greenlight!
Today is a milestone for us as we launch on Kickstarter. With Asteroids HD now on Kickstarter you will see the development path of Asteroids HD soar!

Please feel free to share our Kickstarter page! Tell your friends and family, your support matters!
You can find our kickstarter project at the following link:

• January 12th, 2015
Major Update!
After Publishing Asteroids HD on Steam Greenlight we received input from the online community and newcomer fans!

We've listened and have already started making major updates and changes. The NewWorldCoders team is focused on building the game around the players!

To view all the updated and newly added content visit this announcement we have posted via Steam Greenlight.

• December 21st, 2014
Major Announcement!
Today is a grand day for the team at NewWorldCoders. Our main project Asteroids HD is now live on Steam Greenlight for the public eye! Help out by voting 'yes' on steam greenlight! 

Click HERE to visit our steam greenlight page.
Asteroids HD is set to release in the first quarter of 2015! 

• October 26th, 2014
News / Update
An update on the progression of Asteroids HD!
Our main project 'Asteroids HD' is coming along excellent! We have recently integrated more multiplayer support, new game design, gameplay feel, and many other awesome features!
Asteroids HD is set to release around the first quarter of 2015! 

• September 26th, 2014
News / Update
We have recently integrated Gravatar with our website! Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar system. Your profile picture on our website can easily be updated through Gravatar! 

To sign up for gravatar or upload a new picture go here :

• September 13th, 2014
New World Coders Announcement
Our social media pages have been created! Be sure to follow us on social media for early access and inside news! (Links below!)

New World Coders Facebook Page
New World Coders Twitter Profile
New World Coders YouTube Channel

• September 1st, 2014
Asteroids HD Development Has Begun!
The team at New World Coders have official begun the development process of our first game release. More news and updates will be posted as we progress!